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Build your community with a system that evolves as you grow

Reactions is a headless community SaaS for all your user-generated content. Accessible for any digital product via the GraphQL API.

What you can build with Reactions

Customer community for your brand

Foster customer involvement and share ideas in your online community by cultivating long-lasting relationships with your customers.

Support community for your product

Customers help customers: help them share their expertise, scale up on learnings and answer each other's questions.

100% custom community

Build a fully customized community that is 100% tailored to your needs: you can even create your own types of reactions.

Community growth at the biggest retailer in Switzerland

One community - 10 digital platforms

The Migros community is deeply integrated across 9 different websites and a mobile app.

55,000 users creating over 700,000 Reactions

Migros really cares about customer involvement: people appreciate that effort and reward it with loyalty.

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