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How Switzerland's largest retail company uses Reactions

Migros gives customers a voice. They can ask questions about products, discuss in a forum, review products and suggest new ideas. People appreciate that effort and reward it with loyalty.

"Only made possible thanks to Reactions"

Our Migros community is integrated on 10 digital platforms: an authentic community which ultimately promotes customer loyalty. This was only made possible thanks to Reactions, a central hub containing all our user-generated content. Once we implemented Reactions, we became a lot more flexible, which allows us to innovate at full speed and deliver value to our customers.

Philipp B├╝hler, Community Lead at Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund (MGB)

200,000 product reviews

Migros boosts SEO and customer trust with authentic product reviews. It also improves products based on user feedback.

  • Review products
  • Like and comment on reviews
  • Notifications
  • Category managers receive a notification on new reviews every month

20,000 questions answered

Customers can quickly find answers or even reply to open questions. Migros fosters support by customers and for customers.

  • Ask questions
  • Provide answers
  • Official corporate answers
  • Notification when answers are provided
  • Notifications to community management

55,000 gamified user profiles

A user profile ensures transparency and builds trust. Customers are motivated to contribute by comparing their activity with others.

  • Activity feed
  • Profile avatar
  • Gamification

7,000 topics in the discussion forum

Migros boosts SEO with user-generated content from the discussion forum. Customers can participate in the discussion topics and find answers to their questions.

  • Create topics
  • Add replies and likes
  • Report posts
  • Subscribe to topics
  • Track views
  • Notifications

One administration interface

All reactions are listed in one administration interface: a single touchpoint to take care of the whole community.

  • Moderate all reactions
  • Answer questions
  • Deal with flagged content

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