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All your user-generated content in one hub

Easily create community features for your digital brand. Speed up development, lower your cost.

Why Reactions is so powerful

One hub for all user-generated content

Manage all your user-generated content on one hub and distribute it to all your digital platforms.

Extremely flexible

Innovate with speed and create a community using our standard features or slay out your own.


Large corporations with over 100,000 employees use Reactions. We cater to any company size.

Grow without limits

Start small and scale to a fully-featured community with no limits later

Product reviews

Build trust in your product or service with authentic reviews.

Community Q&A

Let customers help customers by allowing them to ask questions and share their answers.

Discussion forums

Promote customer discussion in a trusted and branded community.


Give your customers a voice. Collect feedback, discover new ideas, prioritize and innovate.

Your own reaction type

Innovate and create your own reactions, such as emoji reactions, images from the local weather report, movie reviews, etc.

User profile

Create a profile for each user. Provide incentives for participation with our gamification features.

Community management

Manage your community and its members with straightforward, automated moderation tools.

Private messaging

Give your customers the ability to engage with each other.

Recommender engine

Suggest relevant content to your users. Customize the engine to meet your specifications.

Community growth at the biggest retailer in Switzerland

One community - 10 digital platforms

The Migros community is deeply integrated across 9 different websites and a mobile app.

55,000 users creating over 700,000 Reactions

Migros really cares about customer involvement: people appreciate that effort and reward it with loyalty.

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