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For community managers

Connect, grow and add new features as your community evolves

Keep track of your community. Moderate it from one tool and automate repetitive tasks.

Keep track of your community

Moderate all activities from one tool. Tailor notifications to your needs.

Unrestrained growth with new features

Start small, innovate quickly and improve your community by adding features at any time.

Automate repetitive tasks

Reduce repetitive activities like generating monthly reports by automating them.

Protect your community from malicious content

Reactions includes a strong anti-spam mechanism and a language filter tool.

Community growth at the biggest retailer in Switzerland

One community - 10 digital platforms

The Migros community is deeply integrated across 9 different websites and a mobile app.

55,000 users creating over 700,000 Reactions

Migros really cares about customer involvement: people appreciate that effort and reward it with loyalty.